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Cloud Save It Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

With this one simple WordPress plugin, you can instantly gain credibility and turn readers into raving fans, just by saving them time and making the download process easier. Learn more…

Instant Social Image Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Instant Social Image offers an incredibly simple and fast way for you to create stunning, sharable images right from your WordPress dashboard

Spiffy Icons Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

With the Spiffy Icons plugin, you get everything you need to create visually appealing posts and sales pages without spending hours hunting through icon libraries and researching usage licenses. Just point, click, and done.

Comment & Subscribe Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

The Comment Subscribe plugin gives your readers one-click access to your best content. With just the click of a button, commenters are automatically added to your mailing list. It really could not be any easier!

Share Per View Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

This simple WordPress plugin promises not only to compel your readers to share your content, but also virtually ensures your message is spread further than any paid ad or a few Tweets can take it.

The concept is strikingly simple, and is based on the time-tested method of information sharing that makes email marketing so powerful. Rather than exchanging content for an email address, though, you’re going to offer content for a social share.

Last Chance Exit Popup Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Last Chance Exit Pop Up provides you the unique opportunity to present readers with exactly what they need, just when they need it. Whether it’s an invitation to join your mailing list or a special coupon code they can use right away, Last Chance Exit Pop Up is the perfect solution. So easy, so flexible, and so fast – you’ll wonder why you ever struggled with other pop up forms before.

PopOnScroll Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

PopOnScroll is a lightweight, fully customizable popup that appears only as a reader nears the end of your post, allowing you to capture her attention at the perfect time.

Comment Promo Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Simply put, the Comment Promo Plugin gives your readers a clear direction to pursue after they’ve left a comment. They won’t see that ultra-friendly message, “Your comment is awaiting moderation” or worse, be dumped right back on the page.

Retire Post Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Retiring Posts plugin takes the work out of managing your limited time offer funnels, leaving you with more time to create great content and offers.

Delayed Download Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Get your readers to stop and smell the roses – here’s a few examples of what you can get your visitors to do with this plugin: check out your latest offer, join your mailing list, enter a contest or giveaway, read your terms and conditions, consider related items or products.

Countdown Timer Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

This amazing plugin adds a countdown timer to your Wordpress site. You’ll find a variety of options to help your timer fit any style of page or subject matter, eg, countdown number of days or to a specific date, show a custom message when your timer expires, automatically remove timer when your promotion ends, etc.

Great Fonts Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

This amazing plugin lets you take advantage of Google Fonts like never before.

InContent Ads Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

This amazing plugin is good for more than just ad blocks, though. In fact, there are so many possible uses you might just find yourself creating “ads” for everything.

Easy Protected Links Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Finally! A Fast, Easy Solution to Creating Protected Download Links for Your Valuable Content. Stop giving away your work for free and discover how you can easily protect your pdfs, mp3s and more….

SlideUp Bar Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Do you need an easy-to-use, versatile, attractive opt-in and advertising plugin for your WordPress website? Stop leaving money on the table and start building your mailing list with SlideUp Bar Wordpress plug-in.

Lightbox Popup Opt-in Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

What if you could easily create an attractive, unobtrusive, fully customizable pop-up on your WordPress website in just minutes? If you’ve tried other pop-up plugins, that might sound like a pipe dream to you, but with Lightbox PopUp, that’s exactly what you get.

Jazzy Optins Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Discover how you can easily create beautiful forms in just minutes – all without leaving your Wordpress dashboard….

Effortless Landing Pages Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

With Effortless Landing Pages, you can create stunning sales and opt-in pages in just minutes, using the familiar tools you already know and use every day.

Amazon S3 Video Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

This plugin lets you add video hosted on Amazon quickly and easily to a blog post or blog page. The video can be set to private and there’s no need to include a video player. Simple S3 Video uses the excellent, open source Flow Player.

Force Password Update Plugin For WordPress with PLR Rights

Once you install and activate this plugin, your users will be automatically prompted to update their passwords on the schedule that YOU control. It continues to work quietly in the background, helping to keep your site secure, for as long as you leave it activated. Best of all, users won’t be inconvenienced at all, since the plugin uses WordPress’s built-in password update system.

Scheduled Widgets WordPress Plugin with PLR Rights

Now you can quickly and easily schedule automatic updates to your sidebar, footer, and other widgets for dynamic content that keeps visitors interested and coming back for more! Using the Scheduled Widgets plugin means now you can stop relying on sticky-note reminders and making time to log in to update your offers.

Notice Box Ads WordPress Plugin with PLR Rights

Banner ads not getting the clicks they used to? Get your site visitors clicking again with ads that command attention! The Notice Box Ads plugin is designed to boost your click-through rate for absolutely anything. In fact, you can put anything at all in the notice box, including images, styled text, and links.

Share to Download Plugin WordPress Plugin with PLR Rights

If social media and list building is an uphill battle, then this is the plugin for you! The Share to Download plugin will help you gain more followers, build your list faster, and even impress the search engines!

Greeter Band Plugin WordPress Plugin with PLR Rights

You know how they say you only have 3 SECONDS to grab your reader’s attention? Well, here is an attractive, cost-effective way to do that! The Greeter Band Plugin is a highly customizable, easy-to-configure plug-in that allows you to add a colorful banner at the top of your site to draw your reader’s attention.